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Bollcom, Inc, provides telecommunication and inter-connect services and support Nation-wide. We are available around the clock to solve your business telecommunication needs. Our rates are affordable and our service is dependable, so put them to the test.


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Our Products

Bollcom, Inc. is a Certified Iwatsu Dealer. Since 1938 Iwatsu products have been recognized as one of the most dependable in the industry. Some of Iwatsu's landmark achievements have been:

  • First Hybrid Key System
  • First Key Systems with Single Line Telephones
  • First Key System with E & M Tie Lines
  • First Digital Key Systems
  • First 16 bit and 32 bit Processors
  • First Seamless Product from 4 to 400 Telephones

Iwatsu has received wide industry recognition. Some of these being:

  • Teleconnect Editor's Choice July 1999
  • CTI Expo Best of show May 1999
  • Call Center Demo Best of show April 1999
  • Call Center Solutions Product of the Year 1998, 1999
  • Communications Solutions Product of the Year 1999
  • Teleconnect Product of the Year 1999

Iwatsu products can provide your company with a strong solution to your telecommunication needs. Whether you want to link multiple offices with Voice over IP or simply add Voicemail to your existing telephone system, Bollcom Inc. can help.