Iwatsu Telecommunication Products

AccuCall Pro
Be in Control. Monitor telephone system usage and costs with AccuCall Pro, a dynamic Call Accounting Program.

ADIX ACD is a combination of specially designed hardware and software that is compatible with any ADIX telephone system to provide Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capability combined with standard and optional PBX/key system features. ACD is used to answer, queue and equally distribute incoming calls to agents within an ACD group following a logical, programmable pattern.

The ADIX APS (Application Processing System) is the culmination of Iwatsu's commitment to provide a single, easily expandable telecommunications platform that meets the needs of both large and small businesses. The modular design of ADIX APS provides a seamless growth path from a 4-line, 8-station system to a maximum of 472 ports.

ADIX Message Navigator
Your best ally to simplify the process of managing emails, voice mails and faxes with a single program on your computer.

ADIX Telephony Office-Linx
Telephony Office-Linx improves communication by automatically answering calls, transferring calls, routing calls and messages, distributing information and collecting information from callers.

Powerful Communications for Small Offices and Home Offices.

BS1200 Internet Voice Gateway
The Iwatsu ADIX with OKI's Internet Voice Gateway BS1200 offers a reliable high performance choice in telephony technology. The BS1200 allows your companies to route both voice and fax communication over any IP network.

Campus APS
The powerful telecommunications solution that bridges together your business communications into a truly unified voice network.

TAPI- compliant Computer Telephony Interface adapter that bridges the gap between your PC and your ADIX desktop digital telephone.

Contact Point
The first software application to embed full telephony call control such as dial, answer, hold, transfer and conference inside Microsoft® Outlook®.

wireless digital telephone that emulates a traditional corded ADIX Omega-Phone. From practically anywhere in your office, it will allow you to answer all those important telephone calls.

EXTender 1000
The EXTender 1000, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, is single-user equipment that provides off-site employees with full access to ADIX APS / ADIX-VS features over a dial-up Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connection

EXTender 4000
The EXTender 4000, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, is designed for use by a single remote user to extend ADIX APS features to an ADIX Digital Key Telephones over an IP network connection.

EXTender 6000
The EXTender 6000, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, provide the capability to route calls off premise to ADIX Digital Key Telephones at remote locations. The 6000 Station EXTender designed for use

Omega-Phone telephones are customizable to fit the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. They optimize the way in which calls are placed, answered, and controlled.

Omega-Voice VMI
Omega-Voice VMI is a system circuit card that resides inside the ADIX telephone system. This eliminates the need for external equipment and maximize voice mail integration.

Omegatrek, a 1.9 GHz unlicensed PCS Multi-Cell / Multi-User Wireless system for ADIX APS, allows users to answer calls and access system features from anywhere in their building.

The PBXgateway, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, allows your remote workers to enjoy all the features of your corporate PBX, wherever they located. That's because the PBXgateway extends all the capabilities of your PBX to remote employees over circuit or packet networks.

TASKE® Call Center Management Tools
TASKE® Call Center Management Tools is a powerful suite of flexible call center management solutions that empowers supervisors to manage call center operations with speed and confidence. It features real-time ACD monitoring, comprehensive historical reporting, advanced forecasting, workforce management and versatile queue messaging applications.

VSR Voice Mail System

Connects to any CO line or single line extension. Basic configurations support 2-4 different accesses at the same time. Store up to 30 hours of messages. 1000 mail boxes.