The ADIX APS (Application Processing System) is the culmination of Iwatsu's commitment to provide a single, easily expandable telecommunications platform that meets the needs of both large and small businesses. Because communication is at the foundation of every successful business, Iwatsu has designed the ADIX APS to provide the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use you expect from your telephone system.

ADIX APS was engineered to help make your business more productive and profitable both today and tomorrow. Whether you require the flexibility of features such as ISDN and ACD, the capability to grow your telephone system as your business grows, or productivity enhancing features such as integration with your PC network, ADIX APS can be configured to satisfy your needs. The modular design of ADIX APS provides a seamless growth path from a 4-line, 8-station system to a 5-cabinet 472-port system. Regardless of system size, each user has access to the entire ADIX APS feature set. This includes features such as Conference Calls, Station Messaging, Toll Restriction, Hunt Groups, Call Coverage, and Speed Dial