ADIX Message Navigator

Your best ally to simplify the process of managing emails, voice mails
and faxes with a single program on your computer....

ADIX Message Navigator is the first release in Iwatsu's line of Application Productivity Suites - Applications that help small and medium-sized businesses enhance productivity through technology. With ADIX Message Navigator there is no need to open different programs for different types of messages. From one program on your computer, ADIX Message Navigator allows you to access and respond to email voice mail, and faxes.

The ADIX Message Navigator module is an advanced Unified Messaging platform for ADIX TOL 2000. This is optional software package upgrades ADIX TOL 2000 to provide full CTI and Unified Messaging functionality allowing you to manage voice mail, e-mail, and fax messages from any popular e-mail client. This includes Microsoft® Outlook®, Lotus® Notes®, Eudora® Mail, and Novell® GroupWise®.