ADIX Telephony Office-Linx

Business demands that you are easily accessible and always available. Voice mail plays a big part in defining accessibility and availability for individuals and businesses alike. However, one of the biggest challenges is following through and managing all of the messages you receive. Your ability to do so reflects your level of productivity and professionalism. Lose control and you risk losing your customers.

ADIX Telephony Office-Linx 2000 was developed with control in mind. ADIX TOL 2000 is a powerful turnkey messaging system that provides integrated voice mail, automated attendant, visual mailbox management, and desktop chatting capabilities for the ADIX APS. In addition to these standard features, ADIX TOL 2000 can be configured with optional packages to enable features such as unified messaging, fax server, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), advanced desktop call control and local area paging.

ADIX TOL 2000 is designed to grow as your business grows. It can be configured in sizes ranging from a small 4-port basic voice mail system to a 64-port messaging system enabled with features such as ADIX Lan-Linx Plus and ADIX Fax Mail. ADIX TOL 2000 supports a virtually unlimited number of voice mailboxes and hours of message storage.

ADIX TOL 2000 offers a sophisticated automated attendant that can be used to answer all incoming calls. Callers are greeted with one of several customized messages that will play based on the incoming line, caller ID, account code entry, number dialed, or time of day. By responding to an ADIX TOL 2000 voice prompt, your callers simply enter the desired response on their telephone dial pad and their call is automatically routed to the desired location.