The Ultimate in Desktop Versatility
COMLINK is your gateway to Computer Telephony. By combining desktop application software with a digital telephone system, COMLINK brings cutting-edge technology to your desktop. COMLINK is TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) compliant for smooth integration with applications written to this standard. At the same time, Iwatsu provides software developers with an extended feature set for the creation of custom applications that take advantage of ADIX features.

The Ultimate Connection
Like all Iwatsu products, COMLINK was designed with the flexibility you require. That's why we equipped it with separate voice inputs for an ADIX Key Telephone, an ADIX Handset/Cradle, a headset, and voice in and out jacks for connection with your PC sound card. As a result, you can configure COMLINK with the voice connection that best satisfies your communication needs.

  • Connect an ADIX Digital Key Telephone for parallel operation between your PC and telephone.
  • Connect a cost effective ADIX Handset/Cradle and let your PC do all the work.
  • Connect a headset for hands-free conversation.
  • Connect your PC sound card for speakerphone capability.

The Internet and Beyond
Along with a multitude of choices for voice connection, COMLINK is equipped with a modem jack. Simply plug your PC modem into the COMLINK modem jack and you're ready to originate data connections; log onto the Internet, send a fax, and access electronic mail.