Cut the Cord that Binds You to Your Desk
Is most of your time spent out of the office? Tired of missing important calls? Too many voice mail messages to return? Then the DCKT900 is the solution you've been waiting for.

The DCKT900 is a wireless digital telephone that emulates a traditional corded ADIX Omega-Phone. From practically anywhere in your office, the DCKT900 will allow you to answer all those important telephone calls.


  • Increased Mobility
    The DCKT900 has seven times the rage of a traditional wireless telephone.
  • Digital Technology LCD Indication
    Provides voice clarity that is indistinguishable from a corded telephone. A two-line/ten-digit LCD display provides call status and ADIX function information.
  • Enhanced Security
    Direct sequence spread spectrum digital transmission.
  • Easy Connection
    The DCKT900 plugs into an ADIX station port and provides a connection for the addition of an ADIX Omega-Phone.

Contact Point is the first software application to embed full telephony call control such as dial, answer, hold, transfer and conference inside Microsoft® Outlook®. Through the use of enterprise-wide Microsoft® Exchange® data sources such as global address lists, address books, calendars and contact folders, Contact Point provides the features necessary to handle all of your communication needs from your desktop computer.
Combined with Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® Exchange® Server, Contact Point delivers the following:

  • Full Control of an ADIX Digital Telephone
  • Call Logging
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Scheduling
  • Contact Management
  • Outdialing from Contact List

Contact Point enhances Outlook® by adding the capability to capture and store telephone call information. important conversation content (call data) can be captured and all inbound and outbound activity may be logged. The contact record becomes the central source for anyone in the organization or work group to view all call data related to a particular business contact. Contact Point also automates the scheduling of return phone calls and can add action items to "To-Do" tasks.

An alternative version of Contact Point is available for use with contact management applications including Symantec® Act!®, Maximizer®, GoldMine®, and Iwatsu's Omega-Phone Contact Manager. This version provides organizations that have not standardized on Microsoft® Outlook® with the following advantages:

  • Visual Call Control
    • Dial
    • Answer
    • Hold
    • Transfer
    • End Call
  • Call Logging
  • Dial from Contact List
  • Dial from Call Log List
  • Incoming Call Screen Pop