EXTender 4000

Iwatsu's EXTender 4000, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, provides a teleworker or remote call center agent with the same digital telephone set and all the features they have in the corporate office or call center. By sending the voice traffic and signaling over a managed IP network back to one of Iwatsu's PBXgateways located at the corporate site, the EXTender 4000 allows voice traffic to be seamlessly carried over an existing data network.

Voice Looks Like Data
MCK's Remote Voice Protocol over Internet Protocol (RVPoIP)™ converts voice and signaling information into IP data packets, which can be transmitted over any TCP/IP network. The EXTender 4000 performs sophisticated echo cancellation and noise detection algorithms to improve voice service quality.
MCK's packetized voice can be transmitted over any managed IP network that can guarantee sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS). The EXTender 4000 performs best over managed networks, such as DSL or a private campus network.