EXTender 6000

With Iwatsu's EXTender 6000 for Branch Offices, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, off-premises workers can now enjoy the features of the ADIX APS Digital Telephone System from wherever they are located. No more feeling of seclusion from co-workers and corporate resources.

The EXTender 6000 delivers quality voice over circuit-switched and managed packet networks.

The EXTender 6000 supports two of MCK's proprietary protocols: Remote Voice Protocol (RVP)™ and Remote Voice Protocol over Internet Protocol (RVPoIP)™. One or more EXTender 6000s can be terminated at either one of Iwatsu's PBXgateway located at the corporate office. The EXTender 6000 is available in 8-port and 12-port configurations.
MCK's proprietary RVP™ turns digital voice and phone signaling into highly efficient data packets. Sophisticated software features include a G.165-compliant echo canceller enhanced with extremely robust double-talk-performance, licensed PBX protocols and a range of industry standard voice compression options.

Delivering the Power of the Corporate PBX
Iwatsu's EXTender 6000 for Branch Offices enables you to provide full corporate PBX capabilities over an existing data network, making voice and data convergence a reality.

The EXTender 6000 has been designed for operational simplicity, freeing branch employees from administrative tasks. All of the system's configuration, operation, and administrative and diagnostic functions man be managed using a serial connection, Telnet, dial-up modem or an inband network from a PBXgateway. This flexibility allows you to maximize your company's network administration resources and lowers operating costs.