Omega Phones

Open the Lines to Better Communications
The Omega-Phone IX-12KT series of digital phones has eight fully programmable feature keys with red LEDs, four fixed feature keys, and 12 multipurpose keys with red and green LEDs that are fully programmable for feature and line status indication. If 24 keys aren't enough, simply add a programmable key expansion module for an additional 12 multipurpose keys. These telephones are available with standard speakerphone and with or without a liquid crystal display (LCD).

One example of the benefits Iwatsu's Omega-Phones offer is the IX-12KTD-2 Digital Display Key Telephone. The Omega-Phone IX-12KTD-2 provides the versatility you need today, with long-term viability in mind. Whether you consider the oversized two-line LCD, a clearly-labeled multipurpose key with red and green LEDs, or the incoming call indicator lamp, it's never been this easy to create the ideal telephone for your business.

Iwatsu America is also pleased to announce the release of the third generation ADIX Key Telephones. The following telephones became Iwatsu America’s production telephones:

  • IX-12KTD-3 Digital Display Key Telephone
  • IX-12KTS-3 Digital Key Telephone
  • IX-DSS-3 Direct Station Selection Unit