PBX Gateway

With Iwatsu's PBX gateway, developed by MCK Communications specifically for Iwatsu, your remote workers can now enjoy all the features of ADIX APS, wherever they are located. That's because the PBXgateway extends all the capabilities of ADIX APS to remote employees over circuit or packet networks.

The PBXgateway can be configured to operate in either a managed IP packet network or a point-to-point synchronous WAN environment over traditional networks. In a traditional WAN environments, up to two EXTender 6000s can connect into the PBXgateway running MCK's Remote Voice Protocol (RVP). RVP relies on HDLC encapsulation over a serial port to transmit voice signals.

Remote Voice Protocol over IP (RVPoIP)
To extend remote voice capability over a managed IP network, simply install a PBXgateway at your corporate site and then choose a combination of remote IP client units to meet your needs. Up to 12 users can be terminated at the PBXgateway. Branch offices, teleworkers and remote call center agents can be connected using standard IP network termination devices such as IP routers, DSL or cable modems and cell phones. As long as the IP network can be managed to ensure sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), Iwatsu's solution will deliver high quality voice.

You can now extend full corporate PBX capabilities over IP networks, making voice and data convergence a reality.

MCK's Remote Voice Protocol converts digital voice and phone signaling into highly efficient data packets. Sophisticated software features include a G.165-compliant echo canceller enhanced with extremely robust double-talk performance, manufacturer-provided PBX protocols and a range of industry standard voice compression options