TASKE Call Center Management Tools

TASKE® Call Center Management Tools is a powerful suite of flexible call center management solutions for ADIX ACD that empowers supervisors to manage call center operations with speed and confidence. It features real-time ACD monitoring, comprehensive historical reporting, advanced forecasting, workforce management and intelligent voice messaging applications. Thousands of call center supervisors around the world rely on TASKE Call Center Management Tools to help manage their agents, set and meet service levels, and provide vital management information on call activity.

The core application, the TASKE ACD ToolBox, is a management solution that is easy to use. It features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
    TASKE ACD ToolBox allows supervisors to monitor the pulse of the entire call center by viewing the state of individual agents by color, for a quick overview of current activity on the call center floor.
  • Historical Reporting
    Supervisors can generate more than 150 standard reports on abandoned calls, individual agent activity, agent groups, extensions, trunks, queue groups, activity codes and more. Reports can be exported to a variety of database, spreadsheet or text formats, including HTML for remote Web access.
  • Advanced Forecasting Applications
    Forecast and Traffic Analyzer utilities help you accurately plan resource requirements and estimate call patterns.

Other Features:

  • IP-based software
  • Enterprise capability (see Enterprise Supervisor add-on module)
  • Adjustable replay of ACD activity
  • Automatic database population
  • Powerful search tools
  • Automatic client updates

TASKE Call Center Management Tools includes optional add-on modules for a complete and tightly integrated call center management package:
TASKE Agent Desktop

The TASKE Agent Desktop displays queue statistics on color-coded tabs that alert agents when call traffic exceeds pre-defined thresholds. Agents can take action before potential problems arise.

TASKE Voice ToolBox
The TASKE Voice ToolBox empowers even the smallest call center to maximize service and reduce abandoned calls. You can effortlessly create automated voice plans that play messages to callers based on digits dialed, call activity, time of day and date.

TASKE Workforce Management
TASKE Workforce Management provides the industry's only real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules. Powered by Blue Pumpkin Director – Essential, TASKE Workforce Management can easily forecast staffing requirements and create optimized schedules that account for work shifts, breaks, wrap up time and off-phone time while maintaining service levels.

TASKE Enterprise Supervisor
For call centers with multiple locations, TASKE Enterprise Supervisor comes ready for installation over existing wide area networks. This application allows supervisors to monitor multiple sites at the same time and generate call-activity reports for remote call centers.