Responding to the demand for a full-featured, affordable, turn-key voice processing solution for all businesses, VSR created Voicentre. Small, medium and even large businesses can benefit greatly from the flexibility of Voicentre. Calls can be processed efficiently, saving time and money, and features can be customized to meet the needs of each unique business. The versatility and adaptability of Voicentre make voice processing practical for any business.

Voicentre is perfect for the growing business, expandable to its largest configuration within the same system. Each Voicentre includes a complete 486 DX platform, monitor, keyboard, modem and pre-loaded software, and is available in 2 to 24 port configurations and 30 to 100 hours of voice storage. Features include voice mail, automated attendant, multiple language capability, information on hold, AMIS networking, fax tone detection, distribution lists, caller queuing and screening, enhanced notification (cascading), Q & A mailboxes, reports, remote maintenance and much more - all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Voicentre is not just a "high-tech" answering machine; it is a powerful business tool that allows its users incredible mobility and flexibility. Messages can be sent and received from any touch tone telephone, anywhere in the world, at any time. The AMIS Networking feature allows advanced inter-messaging capabilities between branch offices all over the world. Enhanced Notification enables a busy executive away from the office to be notified when messages have been received. Voicentre will call up to 10 different telephone numbers, including outside telephone numbers, extensions, even pagers, until notification is successful. Business trips can be taken without worrying that customers won't be taken care of, even if there is no one in the office to answer the phone. This makes the Voicentre a reliable, cost effective solution for any business.

Like all VSR Voice Processing Systems, Voicentre is easy to use, install and maintain. With clear, straight forward voice prompts, training is effortless. The Quick Set-Up program makes installation a breeze, and system flexibility allows for simple programming of specialized applications to suit the needs of each unique business. Practical features that save time and increase productivity make VOICENTRE an exceptional value. VOICENTRE - feature rich, easy to use, and priced right for all businesses.

VSR VOICENTRE Series-Full Featured Systems
Now all businesses can enjoy the benefits of voice processing with VSR's full featured, voice processing system.

  • A complete turn-key system with pre-loaded software, 486 DX platform, mini-tower case, 14" monitor, keyboard, internal modem, remote maintenance software, and voice card.
  • Quick Set-Up program facilitates a quick and easy installation (estimated install time: 1 to 3 hours).
  • Integrates or is compatible with most major telephone systems; including Centrex, with many pre-programmed configurations.
  • Easy upgrades.

Voice Mail Features
Simplified mailbox activation Message retrieve, save copy and delete Certified, priority, and private messages Distribution lists (99) Message waiting lamp notification Fast forward, rewind, message skip/pause Date and time stamping (auto/manual) On/off site programming and recording Enhanced notification (cascading) Password protection Offsite notification to pager, cellular or outside numbers Q & A Mailbox (99 Questions per mailbox) Multiple mailbox greetings (10) R.A.D. mailboxes Service Bureau mailboxes AMIS Networking (optional) Multiple languages for mailboxes (optional) Mailbox forwarding

Automated Attendant Features
Transaction Processing Flexible channel assignment and time settings Voice mail and extension directories Audiotext Easily constructed menu system Day/night and holiday modes (flexible) Menu prompt recording Flexible extension length

Call Processing Features
Caller holding/queuing Call screening Extension forwarding Definable primary/secondary operator Dial through during greeting Fax tone detection Personal operator Digital message on hold (DMOH) (optional) Multiple languages (optional) Menu dial through

Administrative Capabilities
Mailbox programming/notification Custom prompt recording Full maintenance and reporting Extension/mailbox creation and editing Extension/mailbox range selection Remote maintenance and modem (standard) Automatic disk optimization System back-up/restore System password protection Multiple level administration

Pre-programmed configuration In-band signaling SMDI (optional) Centrex compatible Accucall tone recognition.